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January External Exams 2019

The January External Exams 2019 Timetable can be found below. 

January External Exams

Results Dates

Year 12 GCSE English and Maths Resit Results Day – Thursday 11 January 2018

Year 11 Mock 1 Exams Results Day – Wednesday 10 January 2018

Year 7 to 10 and Year 12 End of Year Exams Results will be in their end of year reports

A Level External Exams 2018 Results Day – Thursday 16 August 2018

GCSE External Exams 2018 Results Day – Thursday 23 August 2018 

For those students that are unable to collect their results personally, a signed letter from the student must be produced to allow another person to collect the results on their behalf.


Further Exam Information:


JCQ Documentation
Information for candidates - Controlled Assessments
Information for candidates - Coursework
Information for candidates - on screen tests
Information for candidates - Privacy Notice
Information for candidates - Written Examinations


Please click on the link to download the New Grading Structure.


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