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February 2024

Welcome to Paget High School

I am proud to lead the Paget High School Community. We offer a diverse, broad and balanced curriculum supported by excellent enrichment opportunities. We pride ourselves in being a truly comprehensive school, working to meet the needs and aspirations of our pupils.

We serve a very diverse community, and we are committed to the highest standards of learning.  We believe that our students deserve to learn in a safe and calm environment.  We are ambitious for our students, and keen to ensure that they are able to thrive: through academic study and through personal development.

We place a strong emphasis on preparing students for what comes after Paget High School, ensuring that there is proper focus on independent study, careers and citizenship.

At Paget High School we know every individual is unique. Through our pastoral framework we provide a strong, effective and personalised student centred system that supports every child. All learning is based upon a foundation of strong discipline in terms of behaviour and work ethic. Our code of conduct is clear and no one pupil will be allowed to affect the learning of any other pupil.

Whether you are a current or prospective student or parent/carer, potential member of staff or a casual browser taking an interest in the school, I hope that you will find our Website a useful source of information.

Lewis Fenn Griffin - Headteacher

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A level Results Day 

Once again Paget Sixth Form has changed the lives and prospects of our young people. We are celebrating their success as they secure exciting future pathways having experienced an extremely turbulent time taking their first ever external public examinations at 18 years old. This group of resilient teenagers spent most of their GCSE years in lockdown or experiencing bubble bursts and their hard work and dedication must be commended.

Among our many jubilant students are Aiman who achieved top grades in English, History and Sociology and will now follow his dream of Sports Journalism at the University of Sheffield, Allysha with 3 A Grades including Maths and Biology  will now read aeronautical engineering and Jamal who arrived new  to the UK just before the pandemic and now leaves us with two merits and a pass to read Architecture at the University of Derby. Finally Kamran is training as a social worker, a difficult profession to join at a young age having secured 2 Distinctions and a Merit.

A number of students have opted for the apprenticeship route and we are delighted that Ty has secured his first post in the aviation industry and has his first flight to Tenerife next week, Auswa who secured two distinctions and a merit will continue to care for our community with a medical apprenticeship Shahzaib has begun his apprenticeship in architecture and Luqman leaves us to begin his apprenticeship with Rolls Royce. We would like to congratulate all of Burtons’ young people who received results today and we wish them well in their futures.