Welcome to Paget High School

I am proud to lead and serve the Paget High School Community. We offer a diverse, broad and balanced curriculum supported by excellent enrichment opportunities. We pride ourselves in being a truly comprehensive school catering for the needs and aspirations of our pupil body.

We are an inclusive and very diverse school committed to the pursuit of academic excellence and the holistic development of all pupils and staff. We are ambitious and keen to ensure that pupils are thriving in a vibrant learning environment which provides pace, high challenge and high support.

We strongly believe in a positive learning community where pupils strive for their personal best in mind, body and spirit. The school works to ensure that all pupils do as well as they possibly can throughout school allowing them to evolve as independent individuals equipped to successfully deal with, and manage, the choices and challenges that life has to offer.

We place a strong emphasis on the development of skills alongside knowledge so that our students become active and independent learners, prepared for both further education and for their place as good citizens in an increasingly global society.

At Paget High School we know every individual is unique. Through our pastoral framework we provide a strong, effective and personalised student centred system that supports every child. All learning is based upon a foundation of strong discipline in terms of behaviour and work ethic. Our code of conduct is clear and no one pupil will be allowed to affect the learning of any other pupil.

Whether you are a current or prospective student or parent/carer, potential member of staff or a casual browser taking an interest in the school, I trust that you will find our Website a useful source of information.

Claire Sutton - Headteacher