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A Knowledge Organiser is a document which contains the key information - the basics - for each half term's learning content. You can use these documents to consolidate  previous learning, and to support you in learning new content.  You can also use these documents if you are self-isolating (although you will have other work set too - check Google Classroom!).

In order to learn and/or consolidate learning you must THINK about what it is you are learning, and therefore you must do something with the information.

Use the Independence templates to support your use of the Knowledge Organisers. These templates include strategies such as quizzing, reducing, transforming, prioritising, deconstructing, and making connections.

The key to using these strategies successfully is explained with the following example:

Reducing: Using the Knowledge Organiser for Year 9, Autumn Term 2, I need to consolidate my understanding of the human causes of climate change (under Geography). Therefore, I will reduce this information down to 10 key words. The next day I will transform this information back into the detail! I will then check the actual Knowledge Organiser to see if I have remembered this correctly. There is no point in my transforming the content back into the detail too soon after the reducing task, or I won't have to THINK HARD about it. Learning happens when we THINK HARD!

You should be using your Knowledge Organisers to support your Home Practice every day.

If you do not have your paper copy, you can find them on this website, under 'Curriculum', and then 'Remote Learning'.

Parents Guide

Home Practice and Knowledge Organisers

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