Years 7 to 11

•School Blazer to be worn with or without plain black jumper or cardigan

•Plain white shirt fastened to the neck (i.e. the top button done up) and tucked in

•School tie (‘clip on’ attached to the top button of the shirt). Please note that Year 7, 8 and 9 students wear a tie with a continuous stripe. Year 10 and 11 students wear a tie with a stripe above and below the school logo

•Plain full length, black, tailored trousers (as distinct from leggings) or pleated skirt with school logo to be worn with black tights

•Plain black or grey socks

•Plain black shoes/trainers. Black boots worn UNDER trousers


Permitted alternatives

•Plain black shalwar

•Black or white kameez

•Plain blue or black dupatta or hijab

•Plain black pinafore (worn over white shirt with tie)


Items not allowed

•Skin tight (waist to ankle) trousers, leggings, jeggings, cropped trousers or trousers that resemble sports wear and jean style  trousers

•Shorts; Hoodies; Hats; Caps

•No canvas shoes, plimsoles, trainers or shoes with logos

•Denim, denim style or canvas items (even if black)

•Coloured tee shirts worn visibly underneath school shirts


Hairstyles and hair accessories should not draw attention to an individual.  For example the following are not acceptable:

•shaved patterns

•unnatural colours; multiple colours


•Cosmetics should not draw attention to an individual

•No nail extensions or nail ornamentation of any kind.



Jewellery and piercings should be discrete and must not compromise Health and Safety guidelines.

Copy of School Shoes - Additional Guidance.pdf


2018 saw the introduction of a brand new PE Kit :

P.E. Rules 

Pre-loved Paget:

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