Welcome to Paget Sixth Form

Paget High School Sixth Form is a real community where students further develop the Paget School ethos of Be Proud, Aim High, Work Hard. We consider our Sixth Form an integral part of the school, at Paget High School it is a 7 year journey and we are here to continue to support you post.

We are an open Sixth Form: entry is not only on academic prowess, but on attitude to learning, attendance and pride in the school and community.

We encourage the development of skills such as team building, effort, responsibility, healthy competition and leadership. Our students achieve their best because of the range of experiences that we provide in an environment that is positive, supportive and forward-thinking.

Our Sixth Form is GOOD, in our most recent inspection the team recorded that

“The sixth form is a strength of the school and students achieve well. Students have a wide range of subjects to choose from, and they are given good advice to ensure they choose subjects that are right for them. Teachers in the sixth form understand their subjects well. They plan lessons to ensure that students build on what they already know. Students receive high-quality careers advice. They have opportunities to meet with employers and find out about different careers. They also take part in work experience.”

Over 70% of our students go onto university among these Warwick, York, Newcastle, Durham and Nottingham.  Pathway guidance and study support is a key component of our excellent pastoral care. The students are leaders within the student body and the sixth form team, they provide vatable insights and suggestions that mean each new cohort makes the sixth form uniquely theirs

As our students leave us to enter the next chapter of their lives many register with our growing Alumni,  hearing their stories as they embrace new challenges means they have left living our ethos of Aim High, Be Proud, Work Hard, as demonstrated by one young man who has reaped the benefits from his time with us

“I thought I would email you guys to say that I had the first lecture of university today. It was absolutely fab and intriguing. I’m reading jurisprudence, criminal and contract law at the moment. Primarily I wanted to thank you guys for your never ending amount of patience with me and the effort/ time you took with me during my time at Paget. I’m aiming for a first class honours in law. I know the amount of effort and hard work I will have to put in is of a substantial amount but any success in the coming future will partly due to your commitment and being great role models 


Many thanks R.A. Class of 2020

(P.S all the lecturers have doctorates, PHD’S or OBE’s which is mind boggling)


If you believe you have what it takes to aim high and be part of our Sixth Form family read on

We look forward to hearing from you soon

Mrs. Butcher & Mrs. Stanton